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This page contains information about our school policies along with links to download them.

Admissions Policy


Our school admissions policy.

Anti-Bullying Policy


Please click the attached link for our Anti-Bullying Policy. Thankyou.

Charging Policy

Child Protection Policy Procedures and Safeguarding Guidance

RE & Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Policy


We are dedicated to providing the best possible education and support for all pupils.  Our policy is to work in partnership with parents and is based on the belief that co-operation and a sense of joint purpose between staff, parents and the school will assist in ensuring open and positive relationships.


We encourage all parents and carers to express their views on the activities and life of the school in the following ways


  • on-going conversations with class teacher
  • through parents' evenings, formal and informal
  • appointment with Class Teachers, Year Leaders and SENCO, Assistant Head Teachers and Head of School as appropriate.
  • Headteacher and Head of School surgeries


From time to time however, we understand that parents or members of the public may express concern or make a complaint, either orally or in writing about some aspect of the conduct/operation of the school, Head teacher or an individual member of staff or the Governing Body.  The school will ensure that these are dealt with effectively and with fairness to all parties.  We hope that all complaints will be resolved informally.  Where a complaint has not been resolved informally, then the formal procedures will be followed.


We hope the following guidance will be of assistance.


Stage 1: The first contact: guidelines for dealing with concerns and complaints informally


It is in everyone’s interest that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage.  If you have a concern, we ask that you initially approach your child’s class teacher who may be best placed to help you directly, either by telephone or in writing. We encourage parents to approach staff with any concerns they may have, and aim to resolve all issues with open dialogue and mutual understanding. We will take your concerns seriously and make every effort to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


All staff will do their best to ensure that your concerns are dealt with appropriately and efficiently, but if an agreement cannot be reached, or you are dissatisfied with the outcome, the next step would be to make a formal complaint to the Head teacher. We will reply to your concern within 2 working days.


Any concern relating to the Head teacher that the parent has not been able to resolve with the Head should be referred to the Chair of Governors by the parent.


Stage 2: Referral to the Head teacher for investigation


If you have a complaint or concern and are dissatisfied with the way the complaint has been handled by a member of staff at stage 1, you should inform the Head teacher of your concerns verbally or in writing. 


Stage 3: Review by the Governing Body





Curriculum Policy


Please find attached our Curriculum Policy.

Equality Policy


Please find attached our Equality Policy.

Home School Learning Policy


To download our Harrison Primary School Home Learning Policy please click on the link below.

Privacy Policy - May 2018


To download a copy of the Privacy Policy please click the link below:

SEN Policy


Please find attached our SEN Policy.

Sex and Relationship Policy


Please click the link below to read our Sex & Relationship Policy.

Teaching and Learning Policy


Please find attached our Teaching and Learning Policy