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Scratch is a resource developed by MIT to help people of all ages learn to program computers.

Download it for free and you will be up and running in no time.

There are numerous online resources to help you get started. A quick Youtube search will uncover a wealth of resources and tutorials.

Happy Programming!

Subject: ICT


Woodlands Junior School

Woodlands Junior School has a wide variety of electronic resources to support all areas of the curriculum.

Subject: English & Maths


Teacher Led

A site containing learning resources for visualising mathematical concepts.

Subject: Maths


ICT Games

A variety of games to support learning in maths and English.

Link: ICT Games
Subject: English / Maths

Activ Maths

A wide variety of ICT based maths resources.

Subject: Maths




NRich is a valuable bank of resources with an emphasis on open ended tasks and investigative maths.

Link: NRich
Subject: Maths



Primary Games


Primary games has a variety of maths activities available.

Link:  Primary Games
Subject: Maths