Gold Sing Up Award

Harrison Primary is extremely proud to have been awarded the Gold Sing Up Award, following the award of the Silver Sing Up accreditation two years ago. In order to achieve this, we have had to prove that singing is an integral part of our daily routine and our school curriculum, and that staff and children sing regularly. Staff have ensured that children sing within their daily lessons to enhance their learning, and within weekly collective worship sessions, as well as within their year teams. There are also extra curricular activities involving the Harrison Choir, to further enhance our singing and to provide extra opportunities for singing.

Research and experience have proved that singing can energise and motivate children, as well as improve self-confidence and self-esteem. Sing Up praised Harrison for providing a wide and varied range of singing opportunities across the school. They commented "Singing is clearly at the heart of your school" and they have encouraged us to keep up the great work!

Miss Dea would like to thank the children, teachers and Head Teachers for their enthusiasm, commitment and hard work in achieving the Gold Sing Up Award, and the Governors for supporting and encouraging us in our achievement.