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School Library

Harrison Primary School works to promote reading for pleasure across the whole school community and the school library plays a vital role.

Stocked with over 8,000 books that are updated and replaced regularly, Harrison School Library is well worth a visit!  The children ae offered the opportunity to change their books on a weekly basis, either in small groups or as a class and the library is also open after school on a Monday from 3.30pm-4.00pm, and is staffed by a member of staff, in order for parents to be involved in the book selection process.  Please come and visit it would be great to see you.


Library Events

In order to enhance the Library experience, we run monthly themed book events.  The children listen to stories and are then offered the opportunity to participate in a wide range of craft activities from puppet making to mobiles.  We also offer half termly Bedtime Stories, whereby the children return to school at 5.30pm for some cosy bedtime fun involving story telling and craft, finishing off with a drink and biscuit.  The dress code for this event of course is PJ's!  The children must be accompanied by an adult at all of these events and for dates and themes, please see your newsletter or speak to Mrs Davies.

We also run yearly Book Fairs which are held after school and the school earn a commission which allows us to choose new books for the library.

The children are encouraged to offer their opinions and suggestions regarding changes to the library and in order to facilitate this, we have a suggestion box in the library and have also set up a Library Team, which meets monthly and topics discussed range from which new items to order, to reviewing new materials.


Parent Volunteers

Finally, without the valuable help of parent volunteers the library would not be able to run as efficiently.  Perhaps you could spare a little time to help out?  If you are interested please contact Lisa Clyma or Samantha Davies.