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Year 5 Science Fair - Monday, 21st March 2022

Dear parents and carers


You will be pleased to hear that, after careful consideration, we would like to invite you into school to see the Y5 Science Fair, rather than make a film and send it home.


Obviously we are still mindful of the ongoing COVID situation but do believe that we can minimise the risks, protect our community and enable the children to share their work with you. At some point as a school we have to return to a more 'normal' way of working and inviting parents in is a fundamental part of that. 


Therefore, we are inviting you to visit our Year 5 Science Fair on Monday 21st March 2022 from 1.00pm-2:30pm. This gives children an extra 12 days to finish their projects or make their project even more impressive! Safety is of key importance, however we feel there is a huge benefit to the children in being able to present their projects to a live audience. 


Please can children return their projects to school on the morning of 21st March.  If they have made a PowerPoint etc which needs a computer they may email it in (for the attention of their class teacher ) during the week before so that teachers can check it works.

           Arrangements for Year 5 Science Fair on Monday 21st March 2022,

1.00pm - 2:30pm.

Y5R will be exhibiting in the Year 5 classrooms. We ask parents to enter through the side door from the large play ground.

Y5H will be exhibiting in Y4L’s classroom and the bottom half of the large hall.  Please enter the school via the bottom door from the car park.

Y5SM will be exhibiting in the small hall and the top half of the large hall. Please enter through the main entrance via reception.

We will be limiting the number of children in rooms/halls to 10 to minimise the number of people interacting in any space. 


Parents will be able to see all their child’s class' science fair exhibits but not the other classes as we wish to avoid too much crowding.