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Proposed 'Return to School on 1st June 2020'

Dear All


We would like to update you further regarding the proposed 'Return to School' on June 1st following queries from parents.


We know that parents, like us, are going through a range of emotions at present; please be assured that the current situation is as concerning for us at school as it is for you as parents.


Parents have asked why we have chosen to offer more Year R places but not Years 1 or 6 yet. Government guidance, 'Implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings', acknowledges that 'each setting will be slightly different...settings have the flexibility to focus first on continuing to provide places for priority groups (key workers' and vulnerable children) and then, to support children's early learning, settings should prioritise groups of children as follows:


  • primary schools - nursery (where applicable), reception and year 1.'


Given the Government and Local Authority guidance, we have to take a measured approach to introducing much greater numbers of children into school.

We will:


  • increase numbers of key workers' and vulnerable children attending (all year groups) - June 1st
  • return other Year R children - June 1st
  • consider a return for other Year 1 children – to be confirmed
  • consider a return for other Year 6 children – to be confirmed
  • if Government guidance changes other years groups will be considered
  • continue to enhance home learning for children at home. 


Please note our 'Return to work' model is based upon ALL 188 key worker's children's places being taken up.

If all of these children return to school on 1st June and we take back all Year R children whose parents have asked for places we cannot consider a return for either Year 1 or Year 6.

If you are a key worker who no longer wants this place please email


1st June return - keyworkers' and Year R children:

All key workers' children (all year groups) and some of our more vulnerable children who have already registered for a place MUST return to school on Monday 1st June.


Any wider return to school for other Year R children on June 1st is still dependent on the announcement expected to be made by the Government on May 28th. We may have to alter our plans on Friday this week.


If Government guidance remains the same, other YR children who have registered for a 1st June start MUST return to school on Monday 1st June.


All children who return to school on June 1st must attend Monday - Thursday every week.


More formal schooling will be in place - the last nine weeks have been very different.


Pods of up to 15 children will be organised - these cannot be added to or changed after 1st June.


We cannot offer a part-time or flexible approach - pods must be constant for adults' and children's safety.

Year 1:
Once the increased key worker provision is established, Year R is settled and the new structure is safely in place we hope to be able to consider a return to school for non-keyworkers' Year 1 children.


Year 6:

We have spent many hours trying to find a solution at Harrison for Year 6 and have investigated many sites as, sadly, we do not have space for all of Year 6 to return safely.

The anticipated numbers of key worker, vulnerable, Year R and Year 1 children does not safely allow this.

Whilst I appreciate that many families, and us, would have preferred a return to Harrison, as advised by the Government we are still exploring options offsite. We truly to want to find a way to have our Year 6 children back.


Please bear with us whilst we continue to organise final details – staffing, pods, timing etc. We want to do what's best for our children, families and staff.


Please do not hesitate to email for further information.


Kind regards



Sara Gmitrowicz

Executive Headteacher

Harrison Primary School