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Parents Update - Friday 23 July 2021

Dear parents/carers/guardians 


Please find below the information related to the new academic year.  This includes the timings for the start & end of the school day, arrangements for drop off and pick up, school meals, dates for your diary and a further update as 'Frequently Asked Questions' related to COVID-19 operational matters. 

As the term ends the team and I would like to thank you for your kind messages of support and generous gifts; these are very much appreciated.   

I must thank the team at Harrison for their commitment and hard work over the last 15 months – it’s been both frantic and pressured at times. Everyone at home and school certainly deserves to take a break over the next few weeks in order to relax and recuperate before getting ready for the start of the new term on Friday 3rd September (INSET day Thursday 2nd).   


We all hope that the children have enjoyed meeting their new teachers this week – we are glad to have been able to do this this term. The team, Governors and I sincerely hope that we have a more settled year in 2021-22. We look forward to inviting you back into school again.  


If you are keen to get more involved in what's going on at Harrison and would like to be part of our strategic planning moving forward, we are looking for new Governors - please contact to request further details. If you're not sure what's involved, please get in touch.  


INSET Days:   Thursday 2nd September 2021                   

                  Friday 22nd October 2021 

                  Friday 18th February 2022 

                  Friday 8th April 2022 

                  Friday 27th May 2022 


The 2021-2022 academic calendar is also attached; this can also be found on the Harrison School website. 


‘Meet the teacher meetings’:  We look forward to welcoming parents back to school to meet the teachers in September (COVID permitting). These meetings will be held from 3.30-4.00pm and will be held in Christopher’s Garden. Please join us for a cup of tea/coffee. Curriculum information for the year groups will be sent out prior to these meetings.


Year 1   Monday 6th September

Year 2   Monday 13th September

Year 3   Wednesday 8th September

Year 4   Friday 10th September

Year 5   Wednesday 15th September

Year 6   Thursday 9th September


Parent/teacher consultations for children in Years 1-6 will be held during the week beginning 29th November 2021.


All teachers will meet their new classes on the playground at the beginning of term and then after this, once settled, the children can walk into school independently.  


Start of day arrangements:

Year R: We look forward to welcoming you and your children to Harrison. 

First full day Friday 17th September 2021 please see the separate correspondence previously sent.  Your child's class teacher will meet your child at the Year 1 Gate (on Harrison Road, towards Southampton Road). 

Once children are full-time the school day will end at 3.00pm initially to enable parents and teachers to become familiar with each other and children to get used to this routine.  

Parents please enter the site using Field Gate to meet your children on the large playground and leave site through Main Gate. 

Years 1 & 2 - 8.45am: 

Year 1: your child's class teacher will meet your child at the Year 1 Gate (on Harrison Road, towards Southampton Road). 

Year 2: please can children enter school via the Year 1 Gate (on Harrison Road, towards Southampton Road) as they did in Year 1. 

Years 3,4,5 & 6 - 8.45am: 

Years 3 & 4 - please can children use the Main Gate to enter the playground. 

Years 5 & 6 - please can children use the Field Gate to enter the playground.

End of the day arrangements:

We are going to keep the arrangements for the end of the day the same. We are now using the playgrounds and school field for teaching and learning right up to the end of the day.  

Years 1 & 2 - school ends at 3.15pm. 

Year 1 children - parents please wait at Year 1 Gate (on Harrison Road, towards Southampton Road) as children will be handed over to their parents at this gate. 

Year 2 children - parents please enter the site using Field Gate to meet your children on the large playground and leave the site through Main Gate. 

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 - school ends at 3.25pm

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 children - parents please enter the school site using the car park gate on Southampton Road and collect children from large playground then leave site via Main Gate. Should you wish to meet your children outside of school at a pre-arranged place Years 3 & 4 children will leave via the Main Gate, Year 5 via Field Gate and Year 6 via the Year 6 Gate (last gate towards corner of Harrison Road). 

We anticipate that the School Streets trial will mean that Harrison Road is traffic free; this means that the road can be used as a walkway at the start and end of the school day which will give everyone a lot more room. Please see school website/previous email for details. 


‘FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS’ related to DfE - Schools operational guidance COVID-19 – Step 4’ September 2021 

Will pupils have to stay in 'bubbles' (consistent groups) in the autumn term? 

The DfE has informed us that bubbles will not need to be used for either summer holiday provision or in schools from the autumn term. This means that we will be able to give children the opportunity to play with friends across their year groups in the new term. We will keep our activity zones in place outside – the children have very much enjoyed having so much new equipment to play with.  

How will the school manage outbreaks? 


We are advised to ensure that our risk assessment is a 'live' document that will be updated as needed. In the event of a local outbreak of COVID-19 it may become necessary to reintroduce 'bubbles' to reduce mixing between groups. NHS Test and Tracing would replace school tracing in the event of a positive case and schools are not expected to send bubbles home in the event of a positive case as we are informed that the risks to children are now considered to be minimal. Remote education would be provided in this instance. 


Will the school still implement control measures? 

Yes, we will:  

  1. ensure good hygiene for everyone - hand washing, respiratory hygiene  
  2. maintain appropriate cleaning regimes - fogging will continue 
  3. keep occupied spaces as well ventilated as we can 
  4. follow public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19 
  5. staff with a positive test result will be required to self-isolate. 

Will Year 6 pupils be required to undertake 'Lateral Flow tests' when they transfer to secondary school? 

We understand that these pupils will be offered tests at a testing centre at the beginning of the autumn term when they start at their secondary school as new Year 7s. We do not have any information about this. 


Should 'Clinically Extremely Vulnerable' children attend school? 

Yes, all but a very small number of children must attend school - children under specialist or paediatric care may be advised not to attend. Attendance is mandatory for all children. 


Will educational visits happen in the new academic year? 


Will Barn Owls operate before and after school care? 

Yes - please look out for correspondence from the Barn Owls team. 

Will statutory tests restart in 2021/22? 

We expect that all statutory tests, such as Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, Year 2 Phonics re-take for children who missed it last year, Year 2 SATs, Year 4 Multiplication Check and Year 6 SATs, will return. 

Will assemblies resume? 

We are delighted to announce that assemblies will be back; this includes class assemblies for parents which will be filmed and sent out to parents as ‘Movies’ – this means everyone at home will get to see them and your child can watch it with you!    

Can my child bring snacks to school? 

Yes! Healthy snacks only - breadsticks, cheese, crackers, fruit, veg or healthy cereal bar (no sugary snacks please). We provide fruit for children in Years R, 1 &2. 

Will school meals continue to be provided? 

Yes, we will return to the pre-COVID service provided by HC3S. Children in Years R&1 will eat together in the halls together. The menu will change - further information to follow. 

Please note that the majority of children eat in their classrooms - lunches will be delivered to the classrooms. 

What equipment does my child need? 

Children must only bring essential items such as: 

  • hats and coats 
  • a small book bag – no rucksacks or other bags please  
  • a fold over clipboard to school (see picture and online ordering link) 
  • named lunch box if they are bringing in a packed lunch from home - please ensure that no nuts or nut products, fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets are included  
  • We will provide all other equipment and stationery needed.

What uniform will my child need?  

Please dress your children for warmth and comfort as we spend a lot of time learning outside.  

Items of uniform do not have to have the Harrison logo on, but if you would prefer an embroidered item you would need to purchase this directly from Skoolkit.   

Pupils should wear:  

    • Pale blue polo shirts, shirts or blouses  
    • Blue sweatshirts, cardigans and/or fleeces  
    • Grey or black trousers, shorts, skirts or pinafore dresses (children are welcome to wear leggings underneath if it is cold)  
    • Blue and white gingham or candy stripe dresses - school style not party please. 
    • Training shoes, preferably dark in colour
    • School shoes are not needed as we spend a lot of time outside! 

PE kits are not needed:

From September 2021 we will be asking children to come to school wearing plain black, grey or navy jogging bottoms or leggings, training shoes and polo shirts or white T shirts (if children already have them) on PE days. No sports logos please.


Our school community has shown tremendous resilience and strength in the face of adversity since March 2020 and our team now needs a break. Our priority at all times is to work closely with you to ensure that everyone at Harrison is happy, confident and successful. 


In September we will ensure that we continue to teach a broad and balanced curriculum across the school; we expect to be able to offer a fully enriched curriculum, providing the wider experiences such as educational visits and visitors to the school that this year have been limited. We will need to work closely with you to support your children to be the best learners that they can be.  


We look forward to seeing you all again soon – somehow I think that August will fly by, and look forward to seeing you in September – keep safe and well.   

On behalf of everyone at Harrison, ‘Happy Holidays’.  


Kind regards  

Sara Gmitrowicz, Executive Head teacher 

Kirsty Eddleston, Head of School 

Jane Bowden, Deputy Head/SENCo 

David Moorman, Chair of Governors

Please email if you have any queries.