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Home Learning Update - New Harrison YouTube and Google Drive

Dear Parent / Carers


Thank you for your patience while we as a school team have tried to navigate our way around providing home learning while school is closed, in difficult circumstances. We are sure you can imagine how pressured the last couple of days have been given that we were still teaching the majority of our children until 3.30 pm last Friday.


It is worth explaining that it is not possible for us to replicate the school curriculum and daily classroom interaction online. Without suggesting how you organise the weeks ahead you may find the timetable that we are currently using in school helpful - overall we are trying to ensure that things are as 'normal' and calm as possible for our children whilst the normality that we rely on has replaced by the current situation. 


It looks increasingly unlikely that Harrison will reopen for normal schooling after the Easter holiday thus we are keen to provide you with tasks and activities that your child can do at home.


It is important to remember that the activities provided by your child’s year team teachers is not an exhaustive list - you can pick and choose. You will want to schedule a range of practical learning experiences at home in addition to ensure that your child/children has their exercise and relaxation time within their day, just as they would at school.


From now on the year teams will upload weekly a new collection of tasks and activities to Google drive for you to access. The links to each year team are below. We felt this was a more reliable way to store the resources as school websites are unable to handle the traffic of many users. Many schools are reporting that their websites are unable to cope with the unprecedented demand.  


Each new week on Monday the year teams will upload a new collection for you to use at home – in addition a teacher from each year team will upload a YouTube video to our Harrison YouTube site to explain the work expectation and how to use each resource.  Year R will continue to use Tapestry to communicate with you and share learning for the week. Please check back into your Tapestry account regularly.


Please subscribe using the link below where you will be able to view all of the videos and find your child’s year group teachers' explanation for the week. It may be preferable to use the resources from other year groups if more appropriate; we cannot differentiate the resources to the extent that we would do in school.


Unfortunately we are unable to provide paper copies for collection due to social distancing restrictions that are now in place, therefore we have chosen tasks that can be viewed on online - there is no need to print them. The teachers have ensured that each task can be viewed on screen and completed on what ever paper you have at home.


Harrison YouTube channel:


Access your year group home learning using these links:


Year One:


Year Two:


Year Three:


Year Four:


Year Five:


Year Six:


We are currently anticipating that our team, if well enough, will continue to provide emergency care provision for critical key workers over the coming weeks, including during the Easter holidays. This will depend on staff availability and is unpredictable; the team is preparing for the long-haul and appreciates your understanding and support at this time.  We have considered other options, including video conferencing for 630 pupils, and we do not have the facility to provide this at this time.


Please use our YouTube channel and our Google Drive accounts to access our home learning provision.



Sara Gmitrowicz