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Harvest Festival

Dear Parents/Carers

Harvest Assemblies - Monday 27th September 

We are pleased to welcome back to Harrison on Monday, Martin Doyle, Associate Leader at Fareham Community Church. A former pupil at Harrison, Martin will lead our Harvest Assemblies. 

Traditionally an event which celebrates the successful gathering of the year's crops, our Assembly will be linked to the theme of 'Thankfulness'. We will also recognise that Harvest is celebrated around the world across many different faiths and cultures - it is important to us that the children learn about diversity in our school community.

Fareham Basics Bank - next week presents an opportunity for our school community to help local people who need extra help, if you would like to. Once again, we will be supporting the Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank run locally by Friends of the Homeless. The charity's aim is to provide support for anyone in our local community who is going through a short-term crisis, and who, quite simply don't have enough money to buy food. 

We would like to suggest that children bring one tin or packet to school on Thursday 30th September or Friday 1st October; we will collect the items from the playground for the Basics Bank team (all donations will be quarantined by the Basics Bank before they are given out amongst the community).  


For suggested items attached.


Please remember, as a school community, we are keen to support one another. If you, or someone you know, needs urgent food support the Basics Bank's telephone number is 07708 305795.