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Harrison Primary Update

Dear Parent/Carers


We are pleased that teachers have been able to contact so many families this week; I know that the team has really enjoyed talking to everyone and hearing about what children have been doing at home. If you have not yet received a call the team will be continuing next week - please look out from calls from 'unknown' numbers.


We have no news regarding a return to school date; our priorities at the moment are to keep in touch with you, update the home learning programme, provide care provision for families who need it and try to ensure that the Harrison community and our own families are safe and well.


Children with a parent or carer who is listed on the government’s critical worker list can still be considered for a school place.  Government guidance states that there is no requirement for parents and carers to send their children to school - we are here if you need us.


Please do get in touch by phoning 01329 234016 or email


Online learning: please do watch Mr Gooding (years 3,4,5 & 6) and Miss Gillespie's (years R, 1 & 2)  internet safety films that have been uploaded to Harrison Primary YouTube this week. It is more important than ever that everyone knows how to stay safe online.


Our school website also has links such as Thinkuknow you will find more information, as does the UK Safer Internet Centre's.


This may be useful: Staying-Safe-Online  - government guidance offering advice on parental controls, fact-checking information, communicating with family and friends while social distancing is in place and taking regular breaks.


We have been pleased to hear that children have been enjoying home learning, keeping in touch, taking exercise and having time to play. These are very much unusual times - I am hearing from families that they are settling into a new 'normal' routine - keeping children active is essential and will promote well being.


One consolation at the moment is the great weather - however should grey skies and rain return some of the ideas on this website look quite good.


Miss Eddleston and I will be in touch next week with tips about 'How to be a Harrison Learner' at home.


In the meantime keep in touch and please get in touch if we can help further.


Stay safe and well


Sara Gmitrowicz, Kirsty Eddleston and Jane Bowden