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Harrison Headlines 2nd October 2020

Dear All

The update this week includes information on the Harrison Road social distancing measures, harvest festival, walk to school week, and remote learning in the event of another lockdown.

Harrison Road and social distancing update:

We are sure you will have noticed that the build out to the pavement on the road in front of school is now in place. This gives us much needed space outside school giving parents and children more room to socially distance. This will mean that the pavement on the school side is twice as wide and Harrison Road will become a single lane for traffic.

We advise parents to try to 'walk and stride' instead of drive to school. We would be grateful if families would walk to ease traffic congestion. Parents can park free of charge at Sainsbury's and the Leisure Centre.

Next week is 'Walk to School Week' and children will be being encouraged to walk. Attached is an activity pack that you may like to do with your child


Harvest Festival   This year we would like to suggest that children bring one tin or packet to school on Monday 5th October and we will collect the items from the playground for the Basics Bank team to collect from us. Due to COVID-19 all donations will be quarantined by the Basics Bank before they are given out amongst the community. 


Parents have been asking What will happen to my child's learning if we go into lockdown again?

We seriously hope that this will not happen and are doing all we can to keep everyone safe at school. 

We are committed to providing continuity of education to our pupils and provide remote (online) learning as before. Our aim is to provide remote learning so that pupils can continue to make progress however we appreciate that each family is unique and because of this, will approach remote learning in a way which suits their individual needs. 

In the event of a whole school closure we would provide remote home learning as we did in March 2020.

The range of remote learning provided is likely to be determined by the length of any school closure and if staff are well enough and have the capacity to work from home to do so. 

Remote learning provision and expectations: 

Following provision of remote learning we would hope that parents and children are able to communicate with the school team at least weekly, using the year group Gmail accounts, however we completely understand that this may not be feasible for all families.  

In the event of a whole school closure we will provide: 

  • weekly updates to the year group ‘Google-drives’ and Harrison Primary School ‘You-Tube’ channel (as in lockdown from March 2020) 
  • regular, at least weekly, updates to the ‘Tapestry’ platform for children in year R 

What will happen to my child's learning if we go into partial learning?

In the event of a partial school closure provision of remote learning will be dependent on the team’s capacity to provide a blend of in-school and home learning.

Once an absence has been agreed with the head teacher, and the pupil in question is healthy enough to work from home, we will provide work for pupils who are unable to attend in person.  

What should parents do if a child is ill?

In line with government guidance pupils, staff and families should self-isolate if they display any of the following symptoms: 

  • a continuous, dry cough 
  • a high temperature, above 37.8C 
  • a loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste 
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19.

We believe that parents know their children best and can decide whether to send their child to school or not. If your children are 'under the weather' but well enough to go to school they should continue to attend school as normal. 

If children are not in school and their illness lasts for more than four working days, we will provide additional home learning following discussion with parents and a child's class teacher.

'Live remote teaching'

We strongly believe that this approach is not suited to working with class groups of Primary aged children. In the event of a second lockdown we are unlikely to be in a position to provide ‘live teaching’; during lockdown we needed all members of the team to be working full time to provide key worker care provision and home learning. 

If we're not expected to provide ‘Key worker care provision’ we would explore alternative models of remote teaching as staff would not be supervising groups of pupils in school.  


Parent Consultation Meetings   We are looking to bring forward the parent/teacher meetings. Further details to follow next week.


We thank you all for your continued support.


Kind regards

Sara Gmitrowicz, Head teacher, Kirsty Eddleston, Head of School and Jane Bowden, Deputy Head teacher & SENCo.