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Good Luck Year 6 for SATs next week - You will be amazing!

Wishing the year 6 community the very best of luck for next week as they take their SATs (Standard Assessment Tasks).


Year 6 SATs results are normally used to measure both the school and each child’s progress and achievements in mathematics, grammar, punctuation & spelling (GPS), and reading, although this year performance tables will not be published due to the pandemic. 

We will of course share the results of our teacher assessments in writing, reading and mathematics in addition to children's SATs scores with year 6 parents. This will provide an accurate picture of the children's attainment at the end of year 6. We will also share this information with secondary schools as part of the transition process.


The children and year 6 team have worked so hard to continue the children's learning journeys and to make sure that they are ready for SATs. Go for it next week year 6 - try your hardest, show everyone what truly great Harrison Learners you are!