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Easter Care Provision for Critical Workers

Dear all
We hope that you are continuing to keep well and have by now begun to settle to a new family routine during these 'strange times'.
We are working hard to ensure that the home learning programme is both appropriate and manageable. We really do want to make sure that the activities we are posting on Google-drive and YouTube Harrison Primary are enjoyable for everyone and can be easily accessed by children and families.
We have really enjoyed receiving emails from families about their home learning and encourage you to send in photos of your children's learning at home to the year group emails - the team is missing the children and would really like to hear/see how the children are getting on.
I am indebted to the Harrison team, those working in school to provide care provision for children of critical key workers and those working from home to support their colleagues in keeping the home learning programme updated.
I can confirm that care provision will continue over the school Easter holidays - including tomorrow, the INSET day of Friday 3rd April, Good Friday and Easter Monday. We are grateful to parents for keeping their children at home wherever possible and happy to be able to provide care for a small group of children. We are doing our best to practice 'social distancing' at school, for adults and children and at present the local authority has no plans locally to merge provision between schools. We will stay open for children as long as we are able to.
With regards home learning over the next couple of weeks, which would have been the Easter Holidays, we will continue to update the Google-drives and YouTube channel. Year teams intend to share more Easter themed activities and scale down the content - we anticipate that both parents and children will want to relax their routines over those two weeks and enjoy some precious family time.
I have managed to talk to many families and colleagues in schools over the past two weeks. The general consensus seems to be to remember:
  • to be realistic about what you can do - many families are juggling work/home learning/family life/daily exercise time
  • everyone is trying their best
  • children respond differently at home and school
  • home learning is to keep children 'topped up'
  • time spent reading and counting is most valuable, never wasted
  • children need time to amuse themselves and use their imagination - at school we expect them to be independent and resourceful at different times during the day
  • structuring the day makes it easier for all
  • sharing the load between adults, if possible, seems to work
  • to take care of your own health and wellbeing too.
Please be assured that the past two weeks have been as odd for us as they are for all of you at home - the school team has had to settle to a new, very unfamiliar regime too.
Please key an eye out for further updates to Tapestry (Year R), You-Tube and Google-drive over the next few days.
Best wishes to you all - please keep in touch. Stay safe and well.
Sara Gmitrowicz

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