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Change to timings for start of school day

Dear all


Thank you for patience whilst we have tried to establish a safe start to the day. 


We are pleased to be able to let you know that from tomorrow, Thursday 8th October 2020, children in years 1,2,3,4, 5 & 6 can all start school at 8.45 am. 


Accordingly, from tomorrow, Thursday 8th October, children in Year R will be able to start their school day at 9.00 am. Once all of the other year groups are in and there is space for Year R to enter, we will be able to let the children in; this may well be slightly earlier than 9.00 am. Naturally, we want to ensure that our youngest pupils have the space to meet their teachers as they can now. 


We are ready to change the start of the day arrangements as we believe that the morning routines are established; the children have become very independent and are coming in very well. Our aim was to bring each year group in separately to minimise mixing and this has been achieved.


Which gate should I use?


Year R - Bumblebee class (main gate), Caterpillar class (year 1 gate - keep right) and Ladybird class (year 1 gate - keep left)


Year 1 - Year 1 playground gate. Keep right please.


Year 2 - Year 1 playground gate. Keep left please.


Year 3 - Main playground gate. 


Year 4 - Main playground gate. 


Year 5 - Field gate


Year 6 - Field gate


We are confident that we can maintain social distancing and minimise mixing between pods during the school day. Please understand that the safety of our whole community relies on everyone maintaining social distancing and respecting one another outside the school gates.


We are glad that we are able to alter the start of the day arrangements and are hopeful to be able to change the arrangements for the end of the day before long.


Sara Gmitrowicz

Executive Head teacher




David Moorman

Chair of Governors