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Meet the Governors

Andi Bambeck


I have recently joined as a governor at Harrison School and am on the Learning & Teaching committee, having previously been in education as a college lecturer whilst studying for a PGCE. These days I work as a software developer at a local IT company that provides a platform to host eLearning to businesses across the country. Besides wanting to offer my skills and experience, I have a vested interested in the success of the school with my son having started in year R in September ’21. In the short time I have been governor, I have been impressed with how the school is run and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

Barrie Bourne


A life long resident of Fareham I have experienced many changes, the challenges faced by the  "outside world" indicate that education needs to equip all children to be adaptable and knowledgeable to progress in the ever changing society in which we live. 


My history is within the surveying and education environment and I appreciate the ongoing changes that constantly develop. I believe education is life long and the challenges and opportunities need constant appraisal and action. Clearly this can be influenced by our education hence my interest in understanding the provision education can make. Being a Governor at Harrison School is exciting as principles and actions are constantly examined and developed enabling the first class educational experience for the children of Harrison to excel. As a Governor, this enables a contribution to this process to be made and discusses the school proposals and progress, "as a critical friend". 


I have been a Governor at Harrison Primary School for many years and enjoy experiencing the exciting environment which the management and teachers provide. I believe the children have an extraordinary opportunity to excel and provide for  a secure future, enabling a foundation to a successful Secondary education. The positive support and nurturing for children is demonstrated in the children's attitudes and behaviour which is always displayed routinely. I cannot praise the staff enough, in their constant efforts to provide a stimulating learning environment where children appear happy and challenged to provide their up most efforts. I feel immensely proud of Harrison Primary School and confident that the outstanding provision awarded is confirmation of the supreme efforts made to secure every child's aspirations and future.


I would recommend being a governor to everyone who cherishes the opportunities to contribute the opportunities education can bring to our children at Harrison.  


Jonathan Brand


I was elected as a governor at Harrison in February 2019.  I am Vice-Chair of Governors and sit on the Finance & Resources Committee, and Headteacher Performance Panel.  By day I’m a Chartered Accountant employed as a Director of Audit & Assurance at an international accountancy firm.  I am also a former pupil of Harrison, and my eldest son is currently at the school.

I passionately believe that a child’s primary education is instrumental in establishing a positive relationship with learning and fully endorse the vision of Harrison, for children to become “lifelong learners with open minds”.  The foundation skills which are learnt during our primary education are what we all draw upon throughout our day-to-day lives, and I take great comfort in seeing how the school motivates and supports all children to achieve their potential.  I draw upon the skills from my day job to support the school in monitoring it’s financial performance and making best use of its resources.

Evelina Capasso


I have been a Governor since 2019 and I currently act as the Development and Training Governor (DTG). In my role I support the governing body in navigating the training opportunities available to us to be able to understand, and adequately support, the challenges faced by the school leadership team.


I decided to become a Governor because the school system has greatly changed over the years and, as someone unfamiliar with school-life in the UK, I was curious to understand how education works in this Country. The best part of being a governor is being able to experience the environment, the work and the rationale behind the everyday life of our children (I have a child in Y3 and I am, for this year, the link Governor for Y5).


This gives me the opportunity to learn myself, but also to question what I see and identify possibilities for continuous improvement from the point of view of my own personal and professional experience. I am a Marine Ecologist by profession and my day-to-day job involves data analysis and technical writing. There is always something new to learn and I greatly enjoy being involved with the work of a team of professionals that supports the development of the curious ‘lifelong learners and open minds’ of the future.


Jackie Castle


I have been a Governor at the School for 25 plus years, and two of my Grandchildren attended Harrison. I was the Office Manager at the School for 27 years and a Staff Governor for 10. I was keen to keep a connection with the School after my retirement and was fortunate to be able to continue as a Governor.


I am Chair of Finance & Resources. Part of this Committee’s remit is to oversee School Budgets, and to ensure that the School is able to fulfil its financial obligations. We also have a responsibility to ensure that financial decisions are made in the best interests of all the children.


I have seen the School grow and evolve over the years into a successful and highly regarded place with happy and engaged learners. We do our best to improve constantly and it is a privilege to be part of this journey

Katie Ford



I’m Katie, I have been a governor since Feb 2019.  I currently am the safeguarding governor and I am aligned to the Year Cohort 3.  I sit on the Full Governor Board and the Learning and Teaching Committee. 

I am a serving Police Officer within Hampshire Constabulary, having 20+ years of policing experience.  I currently work within the Youth Offending Team covering Portsmouth, Southampton and the IOW.    I work as part of a multi-agency team in order to help prevent young people from offending/re-offending. 


As safeguarding governor I draw upon my professional experience to help support the Designated Safeguarding Lead.  The DSL and I discuss policies and procedures to make sure that all pupils are safe and to ensure any risks are identified and referred to relevant partner agencies – ensuring confidentially at all times.  From my observations Harrison is a safe and nurturing environment.  All staff are aware of their duty of care in regards to safeguarding.  Training is always ongoing to ensure all staff are fully up to date on all aspects of safeguarding.   I maintain my understanding of ‘Safeguarding’ through continuous professional/personal development.

My Son joined Harrison in 2018 and this prompted me to enquire about becoming a governor. I was curious as to what a governor did and I wanted to become more involved within the school.  Being a governor has provided an amazing insight into the workings both strategically and operationally within Harrison Primary.  As a year link governor I have the pleasure to observe lessons and witness the teaching of pupils from year R to the current year 3. I would like to continue this role until the cohort finish their Harrison journey at the end of year 6. It is very reassuring to see how much dedication, professionalism and care goes into the teaching and the support of every pupil. It is a great privilege to be a governor and it is very rewarding knowing that you are having an positive impact.

Matt James


Having been involved with the risk and insurance aspects of schools for the past decade, I became a Governor at Harrison in 2021 in order to gain insight at both a professional and personal level. 


It is an incredible amount of work running a school and becoming a Governor has really shown me the value of trusting the learning and development of our children to professionals who want nothing more than for our children to be the best they can be. As with other governors who are parents of pupils attending Harrison I feel a great sense of privilege in being able to understand how the school works to improve and to hold the school to account for that improvement. 


I sit on the finance and resources committee and look forward to helping the school any way I can as we move away from pandemic and look ahead to a successful future. 

Eniko Kocsis

I have been a school governor for almost 4 years. I am the Chair of the Learning and Teaching Committee and the Special Educational Needs link governor. I work for a local charity and we provide essential education for children with special educational needs and support for their families. I have been there for over 20 years.


I have three children and all of them started their learning journey at Harrison Primary School. My oldest started reception class in 2004 and my youngest will just finish year 6 this year. I was always interested in the role of a governor, but I always doubted if I can effectively contribute to the strategic running of the school. One of my colleagues was already a governor at another school and she encouraged me to apply, so I contacted David Moorman and there was no turning back afterwards. I felt it was important that I can give some support back to the Harrison community after the excellent teaching and care they have provided to all of my children. I enjoy taking active part in supporting the headship and teaching team in fulfilling their roles and seeing the children enjoying learning during my visits.

David Moorman


I have been a school governor since 2016, and chair of governors for the last 4 years. I currently work in local government as a strategic development manager, and have previously worked in the NHS and in education. Both my children attended Harrison Primary School – my daughter is still at Harrison, and my son is now at Cams Hill.


I became a governor because I am passionate about education and lifelong learning. I enjoy spending time in the school and seeing just how much hard work and dedication goes into providing such an outstanding level of education to Harrison's children. We are never complacent and strive for continuous improvement to ensure that all children can thrive and reach their potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

Andrew Prescott


I became a governor in 2021, and am on the Learning & Teaching Committee.  Some of the governors are attached to specific year groups, and I am aligned to Year 1.    I work as a Cost Manager at a large UK Bank, and also volunteer as Chair of a local Scout Group.  Since getting started in the Governor role in a very challenging time, it's great to see how professional and committed all of the team in Harrison are.  I wanted to get involved as a Governor as both my children have attended the school (eldest son now in Year 9 at Cams Hill and my daughter still in Harrison in Year 4), and I do believe in the importance of quality education and developing young people to their best potential.