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Lunchtime Policy

Our intention is that during the designated lunch break children will have a safe, happy and worthwhile break from school teaching sessions in the middle of the day. The experience should be positive and pupils will be supported by supervisory assistants and senior teaching staff.



  • To ensure that all children feel safe and valued.
  • To create an enjoyable and calm lunchtime environment.
  • To promote the schools PSHCE and Healthy Schools programme through the attitude and behaviours of children and staff.



  • Those children not in the Dining Hall will play on the infant/junior playgrounds or the field in warmer weather.
  • Dining Hall Procedures: Children in KS1 and those children in KS2 having a hot meal will enter the Dining Hall in rotating year order. This rota alongside timetables for clubs, rehearsals, fixtures etc. will be posted on the board outside the Dining Hall.
  • All children having hot meals will eat in the Dining Hall when they are called from the relevant playground by a mid day supervisor.
  • On entering the Dining Hall the children having hot meals will collect them from the service hatch and join those having packed lunches at tables.
  • Children will leave the dining hall as soon as they have finished their lunches and tidied their surrounding area.
  • Children in KS1 eat their packed lunches in the Dining Hall. KS2 children will eat their packed lunches in their classrooms when their year group has been called for their sitting from the large playground.
  • One named Supervisory Assistant will manage football and all other members of lunchtime staff will organise the outdoor play equipment. They will introduce it to the children as they believe appropriate depending on the weather etc. Zone buddies from KS2 will assist.
  • Every day one year group from years 2-6 spend one specific lunchtime a week in the large hall. During this time the named year group do not have access to the playground. Games and activities are provided for the children and they are supervised by two named supervisory assistants.
  • Wet Lunchtimes and Playtimes: Children need to take part in quiet settled activities during these sessions. All classes have a wet games box. Children should remain with their own classes.
  • Basic First Aid will be administered from the office and relevant paper work, where necessary, completed once treatment has been administered.



  • ◦One box of indoor games per classroom.
  • ◦List of clubs, practices, rehearsals and lunchtime rota displayed on the Club notice board.
  • ◦Outdoor games equipment kept in the Zone buddy shed.
  • ◦Football equipment kept in the PE shed.