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Sport Pupil Premium Information – December 2017 - April 2018


Since 2013, the Government has provided additional funding to all primary schools to support them to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.


Schools are free to decide how to use this money but it should be spent carefully to ensure sustainable provision and maximum impact. The school should also prioritise the provision of varied and diverse sporting opportunities for children.


During the academic year of 2017-2018 the PE premium has been allocated to be spent on the following areas to develop PE at Harrison Primary School.


  • Employment of PE specialist teacher for 3 afternoons a week to support the teaching and planning of PE lessons.

  • Two new after school multi sports club fully funded by the sport premium so free to access for pupils.

  • Two lunchtime sports clubs led by a PE specialist teacher.

  • Harrison Primary will enter teams into School Games events. These require transport and supply cover cost.

  • Purchase of additional PE equipment including gymnastics mats and age appropriate hockey sticks.

  • Buying into a new online PE teaching support website.

  • Specialist one off sporting events to take place throughout the year

Please click on the link at the bottom of the page for our Evidence and Impact Report 2017-18


For the academic year 2014-15 additional sports funding was £11,085

For the academic year 2015-16 additional sports funding was £10,657

For the academic year 2016-17 additional sports funding was £10,300

For the academic year 2017-18 additional sports funding is £22,260


The impact of sport premium funding on teachers’ confidence and understanding of pedagogy related to PE funding from the previous years :

Teacher confidence has been increased,

‘Really useful for improving my practice, knowing how to structure and organise a lesson.’

‘Developing confidence in teaching skills and learning how to build up to a game.’

‘Really useful for learning how to set up the structure of a lesson, develop ways to improve pace, differentiation and giving me the confidence to build on skills the children already have.’

‘Has improved my confidence in the area of Games teaching, particularly those I am unsure of. Has helped to remind me of key skills, having moved year groups.’


Comments from children in key stage 2:

‘Do you think you have made more progress since Mr B has been working with you and your teacher?’

“Yes, because Mr B is a trained PE teacher who improves my PE skills.”

“Yes because he has taught us a new skill; boxing, and there are more people to help you.”

“I think we’ve really improved as he has a different view from the teachers here!”


Details of PE provision at our school:


All children participate in 2 x 45 minute sessions of PE or Sport per week; one Games based and one of Gymnastics or Dance.

Swimming and Water Safety is taught for one term in years 4 and 5

Children experience a variety of sports including invasion games, net/court/wall based games, striking or fielding games and athletics

All children are encouraged to become involved in clubs and we are keen to participate in competitions and at local cluster events (Level 2 competitions)


We have an established club run by A1 Premier Football which encourages our most  gifted pupils to participate and encourages involvement across the school.


Details of additional sports and enrichment opportunities are as follows:

A wide range of sports enrichment clubs is offered:
Football (Years 1- 6)
Netball (Years 5 & 6)
Tag rugby (Years 5 & 6)
Cricket (Years 5 & 6 summer term only)


Active Lifestyles:

We aim to further increase the range of additional opportunities for our pupils to be active during playtimes, lunchtimes and after-school. We have a team of lunchtime Play Leaders who encourage children to be active during playtimes and lunchtimes. Children act as play mentors, part of our Children as Decision Makers team, working with younger children to promote positive, healthy and happy lunchtimes.


During 2016/17 Sports Leader roles are being introduced in order to promote further physical activities during lunchtimes.


Part of our sport funding has been used to purchase playtime and lunchtime equipment for these times. Part of our sport premium has also been used to purchase additional resources to ensure continuous provision for years R and 1, in order that outdoor physical activities can happen every day.


We work with coaches from Portsmouth Football Club’s community department. As part of the Kickstart Health initiative we have been learning about the effects of a balanced diet and regular exercise on our bodies. This weekly programme includes both a classroom based study session and a practical outdoor PE session which has built on the children’s knowledge of health and fitness from their ‘Moving and Growing’ science topic.


The additional funding for 2017 -18 has allowed us to continue and develop previous years initiatives. Employing the PE specialist directly has enabled us to develop and adapt PE planning ensuring greater staff confidence. This has led to quality PE lessons that all children enjoy. The funding has also allowed us to replace and supplement our sports equipment.

We currently have a small contingency remaining as we are exploring different activities to develop over the summer term.


For more information please contact Steve Cole.